How to Register

Registration for the SSIEM Annual Symposium 2024.

If you have already registered and need to add services like Dinner, Tours or accommodation to your registration, please Log In.

Your access details were previously sent by email after your registration.

During the registration process you will be able to:

  • select your participant category;
  • buy additional services like Networking Evening, Networking Activities, or Airport Transfers;
  • pay bycredit card or bank transfer;

Once your registration process is completed:

  • You will receive an automatic e-mail confirming that your registration process was successfully completed. To avoid spam, please validate the Symposium Secretariat e-mail address ( in your e-mail account;
  • After identification of your payment, you will receive a second e-mail confirming your registration and all services booked. Please check carefully that all of the services were booked correctly.

Payment options

By Credit card
The preferred method of payment is payment by card online via our secure payment gateway.

In the unlikely event of a rejected on-line credit/debit card payment, the participant is recommended to return to their registration online and to try to process the payment again. Should the payment issue persist, the participant is advised to contact the card issuer/bank first to check for any potential block on the online transaction. If there is a block, once this is removed it will be possible to pay via the online payment gateway.

Payment policy

Registration and the full payment of fees will be compulsory for attending any of the Symposium events.

Please make sure to pay your registration fee before the deadline for the selected registration type.

An unpaid or only partially paid registration will not be considered as valid until it is fully paid.

If you do not receive an automatic confirmation reply within 24 hours, please contact:

Final Invoice
The final invoice will be issued based on the details that were provided while registering in the step “Contact/invoice details”.

Any change of such details is possible before the Symposium is over and will be subject to a €15 fee.

If you need a pro forma invoice, we can provide one for you so that you can process the payment within your institution’s administrative process. After receiving the payment receipt, the Symposium will issue the invoice.

Registration Cancellation Conditions
Any bank charges incurred through the reimbursement of a cancelled participation will be charged to the participant.

Receipt of written cancellation until 04 July 2024: Ful lrefund of the registration fee will be granted, deducting a fee of 50€

Receipt of written cancellation until 05 August 2024: 50% refund of the registration fee will be granted, deducting a fee of 50€

Receipt of written cancellation after 06 August 2024: No refund of registration fee will be granted.

All cancellations and/or changes to registrations must be made in writing to the Symposium Secretariat via e-mail:


The organisers cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to any person or property, or for additional expenses resulting from any changes, whatever their cause.

It's recommended that participants arrange their health and travel insurance.

Personal Data

The information collected during the registration process will only be used to process your registration and to send you information about the Symposium. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties and will be deleted after the SSIEM Annual Symposium 2024.

We inform you that the SSIEM Annual Symposium 2024 will be filmed so, by registering, you are consenting to the collection and dissemination of images where your person may be included.