Coffee with the Editors

We are thrilled to announce this opportunity to Meet the JIMD Editorial team

This session welcomes all SSIEM members, non-members, and students registered for SSIEM 2024.

Meet the Editors Initiative

  1. What to Expect
    This initiative offers a unique opportunity for researchers, clinicians, and students to interact directly with the JIMD Editorial team. This will be an informal Coffee moment, designed to foster a more personal and collaborative atmosphere, encouraging open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.
  2. Schedule

Wednesday, September 4, 2024, from 10:15-10:45

  1. How to Participate
    Details on how to apply for this opportunity will be announced soon.

Important note: you must be registered for SSIEM 2024 to take part.

For more information, contact the SSIEM 2024 Secretariat: